3 Reasons To Have Your Entire Staff Take A Dangerous Goods Course

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A dangerous goods course is usually required for anyone who causes dangerous goods to be shipped in any capacity. Dangerous goods are those that can present a hazard to a person's health or safety, to property, or to the environment. This course can be required of those in your shipping and receiving departments, and of those who create or manufacture the goods to be shipped. While you want to be compliant with the law about the employees on staff who are legally required to take this course, you may also want to consider having your entire staff go through a dangerous goods course.

26 February 2015

How to Incorporate the Chinese New Year Into Your Childcare Program

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The Chinese New Year is a very family-oriented event in the Chinese calendar and celebrated around the world in Chinese communities. It's a great event to incorporate into your childcare programs, especially if you live in an area with a significant Chinese population. Here are some ideas for children of all age groups to teach them about this celebration. Babies—Finger painting For babies, finger painting with red and gold paints incorporates the traditional colours and provides some sensory stimulation.

25 February 2015