How to control risk associated with confined spaces

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Confined space refers to areas that are substantially enclosed and may include tanks, chambers, pits, cellars, vessels or anything similar that may create the likelihood of harm, accidents or injuries to people working inside and as such require emergency action to remedy. If you work in such areas as a supervisor or skilled worker, it is vital that you understand how to control risk at the workplace. Below are some tips on how to do it.

7 September 2017

Three reasons why heavy vehicle driving is the ideal midlife career change


If you're considering a midlife change of career, it's important to choose a path that is going to accommodate your needs as you approach retirement. Check out these three reasons why heavy vehicle driving is the ideal midlife career change for you. Range of work opportunities  Equipped with a current heavy vehicle licence, you will be able to drive a variety of vehicles in the workplace. The type of vehicles that you will be licenced to drive will depend on the class of licence you hold.

4 April 2016

Using tactile materials to enhance early learning

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Young children often find it easier to learn concepts when they are introduced in a tactile or physical way. Here are some ways to use tactile learning to enhance the learning experiences for young children in your care. Counting beads for maths To learning counting, it can be useful to start by threading beads onto a string, and counting them as the children swish them by. You can start by having ten beads on a string.

23 February 2016

What to Ask a Concreter about Stamped Concrete

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Stamped concrete can be a good choice for when you want to keep your home's driveway from looking too drab and dull. The stamping can make concrete look like stone, brick and a number of other materials. This gives your home a rich look without the expense of natural stone. If you're considering stamped concrete for your property, note a few questions to ask a concreter. This will ensure you know what to expect with the installation and can care for your concrete properly.

10 December 2015

3 Ways to Celebrate Diwali in Your Child Care Centre


Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in the Hindu, Jain and Sikh calendars. It is often known as the festival of lights. It is celebrated with bright lights, cleaning, dressing in bright clothes and celebrations with friends and family. It symbolises the triumph of light over darkness. It is a great celebration to include in your learning calendar at your child care centre, especially if your centre has a lot of students from these religious groups or from India and South East Asia.

27 October 2015

Choosing the Best Forklift License Training Program When You Have Dysgraphia: Five Essential Elements

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Dysgraphia refers to a learning disability in which you have difficulty writing, spelling and printing words. If you have dysgraphia and you are thinking about enrolling in a forklift license training class, you should choose your course carefully. To boost your chances of success, look for a forklift license training course that offers the following five elements: 1. Multiple choice tests In order to pass most forklift licensing training classes, you will have to take a written theory test in addition to the practical hands-on test.

21 September 2015

Supporting your science program in the lower primary school years

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While many science concepts can seem over complicated for young primary aged children many of the fundamental science skills exist in a form that can be simple and accessible for children of all ages. Here are some of the skills that you can reinforce at home, which will support the scientific learning your children are touching on at school. Observation - including nature cycles in your community Observation is a fundamental science skill, which scientists use observing the cause and effects of the experiments that they undertake.

3 August 2015