What to Ask a Concreter about Stamped Concrete

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Stamped concrete can be a good choice for when you want to keep your home's driveway from looking too drab and dull. The stamping can make concrete look like stone, brick and a number of other materials. This gives your home a rich look without the expense of natural stone. If you're considering stamped concrete for your property, note a few questions to ask a concreter. This will ensure you know what to expect with the installation and can care for your concrete properly.

1. Note if the stamped concrete can be salted in wintertime

Very often it's good to avoid using salt on stamped concrete because the salt may damage or etch the finish. By forcing the thawing and freezing process, this can also cause the concrete to expand and contract and, in turn, the stamped finish will be ruined. You need to ask your concreter about your options as you may be able to use sand or another method of removing snow and ice from your stamped concrete without ruining the finish.

2. Ask if the finish will make the concrete slippery

Stamping the concrete to make it look like slate or another stone can make it slippery, as the textured surface of concrete may be tamped down to create the desired look. This can be an issue in areas around a pool or in wet conditions. Discuss this with your concreter as he or she may suggest adding a textured aggregate or creating smaller sections of concrete so that the joints, or small trenches that hold grout between sections, can provide added traction for walking. You may also need to choose a different type of stamping than you first desired in order to have a more textured and less slick surface.

3. Always ask how cracks and damage can be repaired

Even the best-quality concrete will eventually crack due to age and exposure to the elements, so you want to ensure you know how your stamped concrete can be repaired. You may need to use a type of filler with a special coloring so that it matches your stamped concrete exactly and isn't standard grey. In some cases, sections of concrete may need to be taken out and replaced when filler is not enough to repair a large crack or if there is a missing chunk of concrete. Discuss this with your concreter during installation so you know how to care for your concrete over time and keep it looking new.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule and appointment for your concrete installation, contact a service like Armstrong Creek Concreting & Outdoor Constructions.


10 December 2015

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