Three reasons why heavy vehicle driving is the ideal midlife career change


If you're considering a midlife change of career, it's important to choose a path that is going to accommodate your needs as you approach retirement. Check out these three reasons why heavy vehicle driving is the ideal midlife career change for you.

Range of work opportunities 

Equipped with a current heavy vehicle licence, you will be able to drive a variety of vehicles in the workplace. The type of vehicles that you will be licenced to drive will depend on the class of licence you hold. A light rigid licence will allow you to drive small trucks up to 8 tonnes and 12-seater buses- ideal for work as a courier or small tour bus driver. If you'd like to drive a larger truck, bus or articulated vehicle you'll require a higher licence class, and as you're licencing capabilities increase so too do your employment opportunities.

Possessing a heavy combination or multi combination licence would enable you to work as a subcontractor during grain harvest season or move stock across country. Alternatively, you may be a valuable employee who is capable of driving a range of vehicles as needed. It is this flexibility and scope that makes heavy vehicle driving the perfect career change, for both you and your future employer.

Low physical strain

As you work towards retirement, even the most active and physically fit senior may want to reduce the physical demands of their day job. Driving a heavy vehicle does not require constant physical strain or activity, and if there are physical tasks that need to be completed often the company will employ a young, fit passenger to accompany the driver for loading or unloading labour. If you have persistent physical injuries, are taking medication, or have concerns about your ability to meet the demands of heavy vehicle driving, discuss the viability of the career change with your physician.

Comfortable work environment

With the expectation of long hours spent in the driver's seat, modern trucks and buses are designed for driver comfort. With a comfortable, supportive seat, air-conditioned cabin, and current technology to guide your drive, heavy vehicle driving provides a comfortable work environment for the aging worker. The financial remuneration for heavy vehicle driving will help to provide you with a comfortable home environment to lay your head after a day on the road.

To start your journey towards a career in heavy vehicle driving, contact your local heavy vehicle training facility today for more information and expert advice.


4 April 2016

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